How To Start A Small Sized Funny T-Shirt Business

How To Start A Small Sized Funny T-shirt Business

Starting a small sized funny t-shirt business is not as hard as it seems.  Certain things need to be taken into consideration before you start a small sized funny t-shirt business.  One must also realize that a small sized funny t-shirt business is like any other business and adequate planning must be done in order to be successful. Things that must be taken into account are what type of printing method to use.  Available methods include screen printing, DTG ( direct  to garment) t-shirt printing method, heat transfer t-shirt printing method, Plastisol  funny t-shirt printing.  One must also consider the available cash on hand, or if one can obtain credit, and how m funny tee business is for one to carve out a niche. By this I mean picking a particular aspect of t-shirt business and build it up. There are various options such as biker t-shirts, funny t-shirts, political t-shirts such as Obama t-shirts, Christian and religious t-shirts and skull t-shirts.  You also have novelty t-shirts, vintage t-shirts. The next step is business planning, determine how you will sell your t-shirts, where you will buy your blank t-shirts from as well as other supplies. So let’s concentrate on funny t-shirts

Popular funny t-shirt printing methods

Funny T-shirt printing has come a long way from simple silk screening. Aside from screen printing, other methods include direct-to-garment printing and thermal transfer. Each of these methods has a different effect and can produce either vibrant or dull colors.

Screen printing makes use of a mesh or screen made of polymer, a squeegee made of rubber, and a funny t-shirt printing machine. The mesh used to be made of silk because the screen printing method originated in China. However, because of silk’s expensiveness, manufacturers have started creating fine screens from polymer instead.

These modern screen printing meshes were as durable as the silk screens of yore. When they are damaged, these polymer meshes will not be as costly to dispose of as when they are made of silk. Polymer is also easier to gather as a resource material compared to silk, which is hard to come by.

Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG) Method of funny T-shirt Printing

Direct-to-garment printing uses a modified inkjet printer to directly print the design on the funny t-shirt without the use of a stenciled image or a squeegee to apply ink through a mesh. The textile ink is the same one used in screen printing the funny t-shirt.

Because of the reduction of the steps in the funny t-shirt printing process, the DTG method increases the turnaround time. More   funny t-shirts can be printed on in less time. Aside from that, because DTG does not use a mesh for printing, the number of colors and the intricacy of design is more flexible and customizable.

Funny T-Shirt Printing Using Thermal Transfer

The  funny t-shirt thermal transfer method uses the same modified inkjet printer to print the textile ink onto a special paper that reacts to heat. When heat and pressure are applied to this special paper, the design is transferred to the fabric. Sometimes, water is applied first to the back of the paper before being ironed over the funny t-shirt. Other times, the back of the paper is directly ironed over after being placed on top of the fabric.

Heat presses

Another important aspect to cover when pressing funny t-shirts is the heat press. One might ask what is  the best heat press for someone starting a funny t-shirts business. There are lots of heat presses to choose from and all of them will get the job done. The different brands include Hix, GeoKnight, Hotronix, and other smaller manufacturers. I will suggest a heat press that locks down, has adjustable pressure settings, an automatic timer, and a digital temp display.

I have outlined a few steps that will be helpful in guiding you through starting your business on the right foot such as

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